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The Science

Scientific understanding doesn’t just make a difference, it makes all the difference.

It takes a village, and we have pediatric dermatologists and microbiome experts in ours.

With a deeper knowledge of infant skin, the diapering environment, the microbiome, and diaper dermatitis, we’ve uncovered the underlying causes of diaper rash and how to treat and prevent it.

Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH

Pediatric Dermatologist, Buddle Scientific Advisor

In addition to being a rock star Mom and an esteemed purveyor of Dad jokes, Kalyani Marathe, MD, MPH is a renowned board-certified pediatric dermatologist and Associate Professor of Pediatric Dermatology at the University of Cincinnati. A key component of her practice is helping equip patients and parents with the tools needed to protect their skin, treat inflammation, and improve their overall appearance and self-esteem. As a mother of children who were not big fans of sleep as babies, she has a deep appreciation and empathy for the challenges parenthood provides and likes to consider the practical aspects of any treatment regimen before recommending or prescribing.

Having completed her fellowship at Columbia University and received her medical degree from the Medical College of Virginia, Dr. Marathe is a recognized thought leader and passionate supporter of pediatric dermatology. In addition to patient care, Dr. Marathe is involved in research to uncover ways to treat and prevent vulvar diseases so children impacted may have a better quality of life. She has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles and continues to be invited to speak at many national and international dermatology conferences.

A big piece of Dr. Marathe’s life mission is taking care of the underserved. She actively serves in her community and across borders to help all children have access to the same excellent medical care.

Fred Ghali, MD

Pediatric Dermatologist, Buddle Scientific Advisor

In addition to being the world’s best Dad (self-proclaimed) and the best 50-something basketball player in Texas (also self-proclaimed), Fred Ghali, MD is a dually board-certified pediatrician and pediatric dermatologist who has practiced pediatric dermatology for over 20 years. In addition to running two private pediatric dermatology clinics, he educates dermatology residents at multiple universities and actively participates in the American Academy of Dermatology and the Society of Pediatric Dermatology.

Dr. Ghali is a recognized thought leader who is frequently invited to speak at local, state, and national CME-accredited conferences. He is highly involved in the Society for Pediatric Dermatology and has previously served in multiple positions including the Section of Dermatology with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Board of Dermatology, Pediatric Dermatology Section.

Prior to starting his own private practices, Dr. Ghali served as a Clinical Instructor in the Department of Dermatology at the University of Texas Medical School (Houston), as well as Chief of Pediatric Dermatology at Cook Children’s Medical Center, Fort Worth. Dr. Ghali is heavily involved in researching new advances in pediatric dermatology and is an author of over 30 publications in peer-related journals involving Pediatrics and Dermatology. Additionally, he servesas a reviewer for many dermatology journals, including Pediatric Dermatology and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology.

Dr. Ghali enjoys taking care of his patients and strives to build a trusting relationship with each and every family. Like every father, he strives to balance his faith, his family, and his work.

Kimberly Capone, PhD

Microbiologist, Buddle Scientific Advisor

When she is not laughing way too loudly at standup comedy, Kimberly Capone, PhD is a pioneer and established expert in microbiology and the human microbiome, with a concentration in infant and adult skin, vaginal, gut, and oral health. While leading the Microbiome Platform at Johnson & Johnson Consumer, Inc., Dr. Capone was instrumental in creating innovation and driving strategy for inflammatory and compromised skin conditions across the Baby, Beauty, and Digestive Health categories. She later became Global Head of Research and Development at FemTec Health, overseeing a team of research and data scientists, bioinformaticians, formulation chemists and clinical trial coordinators.

Dr. Capone has authored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, is a co-inventor on several patents, and has been an invited speaker at many national and international microbiome, dermatology, and pediatric conferences.

Dr. Capone received her B.S. in Biology from Northeastern University in Boston, MA, and her Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology from Northwestern University in Chicago, IL.

Driven by a deep passion of helping others live their best life, Dr. Capone’s work helps inspire and deliver a healthier future for all.

The Skin

Did you know newborn skin is different than adult skin?

It can be up to 10 times more sensitive and 30% thinner and has reduced moisturizing and skin lipid production — meaning baby skin is more susceptible to irritation and inflammation. Our first step in formulation was engaging pediatric dermatologists and scientists to understand baby's skin on a molecular level.

The Environment

While infant skin is unique, the diapering area is even more so.

It’s the only place on the body where the skin microbiome meets the gut microbiome providing the challenge of removing harmful irritants and gut microbes without disturbing the beneficial skin microbes. It’s also an occluded (covered) area which increases temperature, humidity, impacts pH, and ultimately skin barrier health.

Skin Condition

A deeper understanding of diaper dermatitis

Why does it form? How does it form? What mechanisms, at a cellular level, are at play? Bringing all of this knowledge together we engage formulation scientists to create formulas that represent this advanced understanding.

Our Breakthrough

As much as we all would like a one-step solution, ((Buddle--Hero-Lifestyle-10)) we found through research , development and a clinical trial ((Buddle-Cream)) that a systematic approach ((Buddle-Diaper-Rash--System-System)) yields better outcomes when it comes to diaper rash. That's why we developed the Buddle Diaper Rash System.
Learn more about the system