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Buddle Wipe & Heal Bundle

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When baby has diaper rash their skin barrier has been compromised. Diaper changes can be painful. Cue our Wonder Wipes with aloe to gently sooth and clean. The clean skin must now be protected. Our Rash Rescue Healing Paste with 40% zinc oxide acts as a physical barrier to foreign microbes and excess moisture, while ceramides help restore the skin to optimal health.  Feel better baby!

Gentle on sensitive skin

Microbiome Friendly


Pediatrician Tested

Buddle Clean Cheeks

Foam Cleanser

Buddle Clean Cheeks


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  • Rash Rescue, Wonder Wipes

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What to use and when to use it

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Our clinical study included all skin types because every bottom needs Buddle.

  • Yes. Our products have been dermatologist and pediatrician tested. During our clinical study parents also reported 100% found the system to be gentle on baby’s skin.

  • If you aren’t satisfied with your products, we have a 30-day money back guarantee. Please reach out to us. 

  • Yes. All our products have undergone a clinical study under the direction and observation of doctors.

  • Bottom Buddy and Rash Rescue have different ingredients and different purposes.

    Bottom Buddy is formulated to prevent diaper rash from occurring, and Rash Rescue is formulated to heal the skin when diaper rash does occur.

    Bottom Buddy contains 20% zinc oxide, while Rash Rescue contains 40% zinc oxide which makes it thicker.

    You can think of Rash Rescue as a deep conditioner compared to your daily conditioner.

  • No, using only a traditional wipe is adequate for cleaning baby for wet diapers.

  • Parents in our clinical study reported to see improvement in just two days. Even if the rash is responding well to treatment, continue using the treat protocol for two weeks to ensure it is completely gone.

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  • You’ve got this. Take it day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute if necessary. This phase won’t last forever. If your baby could speak, they would say, “Thank you, I appreciate all your doing, I love you. Thank for using Buddle on my bottom.”

Buddle Wipe & Heal Bundle

Buddle Wipe & Heal Bundle

Regular price $23